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The Right to Swim Campaign
A national campaign group of parents fighting for children's right to swim.

Research soon to be available

The long awaited research which was due to be delivered in the autumn 2005 is nearly ready for release. The Water Safety Forum has been working on this research at the request of Tessa Jowell MP for exactly one year so we are feverishly awaiting the results. The research was due to look at the number of children drowning in public pools in the UK, whether lack of parental supervision was a key factor in these drownings and the age of the children involved. Assisting with this research was Professor Jo Sibert from Cardiff University who was present at our original meeting with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Health and Safety Executive do not endorse ISRM guidance



Can’t access your local pool? Put a complaint in to the Amateur Swimming Association Hotline

Call: 0871 200 0928, or email at :

If you cannot access your local pool following talks with your pool operator and local council then please contact the ISRM who may be able to intercede on your behalf, however, the pool operator has the sole legal responsibility for the Health and Safety of pool users.

If this fails then contact the Amateur Swimming Association Facilities department who will try to help, but the ASA can only advise and provide guidance to pool operators.

If all you have no success from following the ASA’s advice as shown above please contact us at the Right to Swim Campaign and we will endeavour to assist you.


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We want to swim together !

If you have reached this website then the chances are you and your children have been excluded from swimming at your local public swimming pool. This is as a direct result of a guideline written by the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM) which suggests that there should be:

one parent to every child under the age of four
one parent to every two children between the ages of four and eight.

According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Amateur Swimming Association this document only provides guidance and is not a statutory duty or legal requirement.

Our campaign aims are:

    • increase awareness of the plight of thousands of children
      across the United Kingdom
    • to guard against social exclusion from sport
    • to advocate safe swimming for everyone.

But I can’t make a difference alone ?

You can by joining us – we are all parents fighting for our children’s right to swim.

You can make a difference by:

    • sign our on-line petition
    • contact your local MP and express your concerns
    • by petitioning your local council
    • raising awareness in your local community using local
      newspapers and news coverage
    • getting the support of your local radio station.


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